Licenses and Disclosures

About Sunbound Companies

Thank you for your interest in Sunbound (Sunbound Corporation and its affiliated brokerages listed below are collectively the “Sunbound Companies”). The goal of this page is to provide details on our family of companies and the different ways you may interact with them, as well as disclosures that may be relevant to you.

The Sunbound Companies shall disclose any affiliated business arrangements between the
parties to sellers and buyers of real property at the outset of any real estate transaction.

Sunbound Brokerages

Any and all real estate brokerage services advertised, offered, performed or completed, through the Sunbound website (the “Site”), or outside the scope thereof, are solely advertised, offered, performed, or completed by a Sunbound Brokerage (listed below).  Sunbound Brokerages are wholly owned subsidiaries of Sunbound Corporation.

Sunbound Corporation owns Sunbound Brokerages with real estate brokerage licenses in the following states:

New York – Sunbound Brokerage NY, LLC - 10491211374
California – Sunbound Brokerage CA Corporation - 02180397

If any Site users are residents of, or are looking to sell or buy real property in, a state where Sunbound is not currently licensed to perform real estate brokerage activities, please be advised that Sunbound is not authorized to offer or perform – and will not offer or perform – any real estate brokerage services. In such situations, a Sunbound Brokerage may refer you to a third-party agent that can represent you in your home purchase or Sale. Should you choose to work with that agent, the referring brokerage will receive a referral fee. The Site is merely an online platform, that may be utilized by other real estate brokers, licensed in such states, to facilitate the listing or sale of real property for sellers and buyers therein.

Buying Sunbound Homes

Sunbound does not provide legal, tax, or investment advice. Any published articles, blog posts, resources or other related material located on the Site is for informational purposes only. It has been prepared without regard to the individual financial circumstances and objectives of persons who receive it. Please seek the advice of an attorney, tax professional and/or financial advisor for guidance to properly evaluate particular investments and/or strategies. No warranties are made as to the accuracy of any descriptions of real property listings located on the Site. Not all properties and/or Site users may be eligible for all services and/or products offered by Sunbound.


Should you have any questions about the roles and activities performed by any of the Sunbound Companies, or the status of any relationship you may or may not have with them, please contact us at