Mar 7, 2023

20 Popular spring cleaning tips for seniors

Manny Cominsky

Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity for seniors and their families to get together to declutter their homes and get organized for the upcoming year. As the weather gets warmer, it's time to open the windows and freshen up your living space. In addition to being a good reason for the family to come together, a good spring cleaning can also have important wellness benefits for seniors by helping seniors stay active, promote independence, and reduce the risk of falls by eliminating clutter around their home. Here are some spring cleaning tips for seniors and their loved ones that will help them get their homes in tip-top shape. 

Don't hesitate to ask for help if you need it

This might be our biggest tip of all for seniors planning on doing some spring cleaning. It’s incredibly important for seniors to be realistic about the type and number of chores they can accomplish, so as not to strain themselves as this can lead to falls and other injuries. Therefore, seniors should never hesitate to reach out to family members, friends, or even hire a professional cleaning service if necessary.  

Start with a plan

Before diving into spring cleaning, create a plan. Determine which areas of your home need the most attention, what supplies you'll need, and how long it will take. Create a list and prioritize tasks to make sure you can complete everything without feeling overwhelmed. 

Declutter before you organize

Seniors often accumulate a lot of possessions over the years. Before you start cleaning and organizing, it’s often a good step to declutter your home by getting rid of all unnecessary or unused items. Go through every room and get rid of anything you don't need, use, or want. Consider donating items to charity or giving them to family members. 

Clean your outdoor spaces

Don't forget about your outdoor spaces. Sweep your porch or patio and remove any debris to help prevent falls while relaxing outside. Wash outdoor furniture and cushions, and consider adding some potted plants or flowers to liven up the space. Get help if needed as spring cleaning can be a big job, especially for seniors. This might be a great job for seniors to do with their family, as many families love spending a day together outdoors gardening.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity for seniors and their families to get out and do some gardening together.

Deep clean carpets and floors

Carpets and floors can accumulate dirt, dust, and pet hair over time. Rent a carpet cleaner or hire a professional to deep clean your carpets. Mop hardwood and tile floors to get rid of dirt and grime. While this chore can be particularly helpful, particularly for seniors who have asthma or other respiratory problems, it might be a chore best left to a professional or a helpful family member.

Wash windows

Clean windows will make your home brighter and more inviting and cheerier for the spring. Use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to clean both sides of the window. Don't forget to clean the sills and tracks as well. 


Dust can aggravate allergies and make it difficult to breathe, particularly for seniors with asthma and other respiratory issues. Use a damp cloth or a microfiber duster to remove dust from surfaces, including shelves, tables, and blinds. 

Make sure you have the right equipment (or the right help!) if you are going to be dusting or cleaning some place that is hard to reach.

Clean out the fridge and pantry

Expired food can be dangerous and make you sick, particularly for seniors with uneasy stomachs, so take the time to go through your fridge and pantry. Get rid of anything that is expired or past its prime and wipe down shelves and drawers. Keeping your food organized can make it easier for seniors to stay healthy and fit.

Organize your closet

Closets can quickly become cluttered, making it difficult to find what you need. Go through your clothes and get rid of anything that no longer fits or that you haven't worn in a while. Organize your remaining clothes by color or category, and consider using closet organizers to maximize space. 

Clean the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms to clean thoroughly. Scrub the toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Clean the mirror and wipe down the counters and make sure to clean the floors as well. 

Check your smoke detectors

Spring cleaning isn’t just about tidying up your home, it’s also about doing a yearly check to make sure your or your senior loved one’s home is in a safe and livable condition. Smoke detectors save lives, so make sure yours are in good working order. Test your smoke detectors and replace the batteries if necessary. If you don't have smoke detectors in every room, spring cleaning is always a good time to start! 

Wipe down light fixtures

Dust can accumulate on light fixtures making them look dirty and reducing their effectiveness as well as making your space look less bright and inviting. Us a lightly damp cloth or a duster to wipe down light fixtures and keep your home bright and enjoyable.

Clean your appliances

Your appliances work hard for you, so show them some love! Cleaning your oven, stovetop, and microwave, as well as wiping down your refrigerator and dishwasher can really help make your kitchen a better place for cooking and eating. You'll be surprised at how much cleaner and fresher your kitchen will feel, and how much more incentivized you’ll be to get in the kitchen and do some cooking!

Get rid of hazardous waste

If you have hazardous waste such as old paint, chemicals, or batteries, dispose of them properly. People often leave these items in their garage and then never return to them again. If you haven’t painted or otherwise used hazardous chemicals in a while, it’s a good practice to simply dispose of them rather than have them hanging around. Contact your local waste management facility or environmental agency to find out where to dispose of hazardous waste. 

Change air filters

Air filters in your HVAC system should be changed regularly to ensure good air quality. Check your air filters and replace them if they are dirty or clogged. Regularly changing your air filters can have important benefits on your overall health, particularly if you suffer from any respiratory conditions.

Regularly changing air filters is an important part of making your home a safe and livable environment, particularly if you have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Create a maintenance plan

Once you've completed your spring cleaning, create a maintenance plan to keep your home clean and organized. Schedule regular cleaning tasks and stick to them. This will help reduce the amount of work you need to do during your next spring cleaning. Maintaining a regular maintenance schedule can also provide important wellness benefits to seniors.

Go digital

Consider going digital with your paperwork. Scan important documents and save them to your computer or a cloud-based storage system. This will help reduce paper clutter and make it easier to find important information when you need it. Having your information in electronic format can make it easier to share with important people in seniors’ lives like doctors, asset managers, and elder law attorneys.

Take breaks

Spring cleaning can be physically and mentally exhausting, so take breaks as needed. Stay hydrated and take time to rest if you start to feel tired or overwhelmed. 

Safety first

Remember to prioritize safety during spring cleaning. Use a sturdy step stool or ladder, wear comfortable shoes with good traction, and be careful when moving heavy objects. And as always, never hesitate to ask family or friends if you think you’ll have trouble completing any of your spring cleaning tasks.

Don't forget about yourself

Finally, don't forget about yourself during spring cleaning. Take time to relax and do things you enjoy, such as reading, listening to music, or spending time with loved ones. You deserve a break after all your hard work! Also keep in mind that at the end of the day, spring cleaning is about making your space healthy and safe for yourself, meaning don’t feel any pressure that you have cleaned enough!

Spring cleaning can be an excellent opportunity for seniors to declutter their homes, get organized, promote independence, and hang out with family members and loved ones. By following these tips, seniors can create a clean and safe living space, reduce the risk of falls, and stay active. Remember to take breaks, prioritize safety, and ask for help if needed. With a little planning and effort, your home can be fresh, clean, and ready for the spring season.

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