Apr 28, 2023

Sunbound Asks: Myra Tauro of Abella Manor Senior Care

Nat Miller

This week on Sunbound Asks we had the pleasure of talking to Myra Tauro of Abella Manor Senior Care, which is located in Tucson, Arizona and provides assisted living and memory care services. It was a blast welcoming Myra to the blog and learning all about how she got into senior care, as well as her favorite tips for how seniors and their loved ones can find the right senior living community. To learn more about Abella Manor Senior Care read our interview below, or reach out to the Sunbound team for any questions you may have on finding or paying for senior living

Q: How long have you been working in senior living?

A: I’ve been working in senior living since 2014, which is when I first came to the United States and moved to Arizona.

Q: How’d you get into the senior living industry?

A: I first came to the U.S. as a student on a J-1 visa. My foster mom manages a senior living community and so I started by helping her out. I really loved working with seniors, and so from there I got my caregiver certificate and then my manager certificate. And now I’m studying administration to continue to learn the best ways to help my residents and run Abella Manor.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about working in senior living?

A: There are a couple of things I love about working in senior living. First, because we’re basically a 24-hour facility, I almost have more ability to manage my time because we’re always working at odd hours. So this frees me up to get things done like paperwork on my own schedule, as opposed to necessarily having to do it between 9-5. I also love getting to spend time with our residents. At the beginning and end of every day we have a routine where we go outside with our residents. We have a really lovely patio at Abella, and the residents love being outside in our garden with all our plants. Some residents also have dogs, and everyone just loves being able to spend time out in the sun relaxing together! Both the residents and the staff really love it!

Q: What’s your favorite memory from working in senior living?

A:  I will always remember one of my very first patients. We used to have chickens at one of our homes, and every morning he would guess how many eggs we would get. It was always an amazing conversation starter in the morning, and everyone always really looked forward to guessing how many eggs we would get each morning. It was such a funny conversation and we loved keeping it going. Even when he passed, we always had the memory of him with his eggs. I’ll never forget him or his laugh, and I definitely think he’s the reason I got so into working in senior living.

Q: What advice would you give someone who is looking for senior living?

A: I would say if someone is looking for senior living, it’s good to read as much as you can and talk to as many people in your life as you can to get the most information possible. People always think they’re going through this process alone and that no one else knows what they’re going through. But the more you talk to other people, the more you realize other people have gone through this and the more amazing recommendations you can get. It’s really nice to know people have gone through what you’re going through, plus word-of-mouth recommendations from people you trust are always going to be the most useful. I would also say make sure to visit any senior living community you’re interested in, as this is the best way to make sure that the place has a great vibe and is right for you or your senior loved one.

Q: Do you have a favorite tip for how families can talk to a parent about moving to senior living?

A: It really depends on your parent’s personality. Some parents are super open-minded about senior living, but other parents can be really against it. Trust your instincts because you know your parents the best. But either way, it’s often the best to be direct and focus on how much senior living will benefit not only your parent, but the family as a whole. Senior living communities have amazing benefits for seniors that can really improve their lives. While you might really want to help take care of your parent, taking care of someone 24-hours a day can sometimes cause a lot of stress on the relationship. But if your loved one is in a great facility that is equipped to handle aging, it will make your parent’s later years much less stressful. You don’t want to spend your final years with your parents stressing about care, you want to spend them enjoying your time together. Everyone ages, and so you should focus on how to make those years as good as possible. 

Q: What advice would you give a senior who is applying for ALTCS coverage?

A: It’s good to stay on top of your finances and make sure that you are actually financially eligible, meaning that you’ve actually spent down your savings. People will sometimes keep getting denied because they’re unable to explain where their money is, or where their money went. People sometimes think they can hide money, but it’s really best to be transparent and to fully explain your finances. ALTCS is going to be looking into your finances, and it’s best to work with them not against them. Also keep in mind that ALTCS is great to work with! They give you a whole month to provide your documentation, and will give you an extension if you ask. So making sure to take advantage of the help and support that ALTCS gives is really important.    

Q: What’s one thing you wish more people knew about senior living?

A: That senior living is fun! It’s very normal to age, we all do, and senior living is the best way to get through your senior years. You have everyone at your beck and call and can get whatever you want. You get great meals and snacks whenever you want, and people who are always looking out for you. You can always call your family or have them visit. It’s also a lot of fun to be with people in the same stage of life as you, and to be able to relate to other people around you. Too many people go into senior living with the mentality that “this is the end,” but then in 2-3 months they’re having fun and loving spending time with their caregivers. So while it’s totally normal to have some apprehension, I wish more people understood that moving to senior living isn’t giving up. It’s the opposite, it’s an opportunity to make the most of living your life. 

Q: If you weren’t working in senior living, what else would you be doing?

A: I would be a nurse. I started in nursing, and I would love to return to that. Or I would love to be an artist. One of those two. 

Q: What senior living resources would you suggest for our readers?

A: There’s a lot of resources online, but I would say the best resource is the PIMA Council on Aging. They’re advocates for seniors and they’re also a really amazing resource. They know a lot and can give you a ton of information. I’m always calling them, and they’re super helpful and always willing to help. Another great resource is the Arizona Department of Health Services. They have some really great information for seniors, including information on all the best communities.

To learn more about how Sunbound can help make senior living more affordable for you or your loved one, send us an email at info@sunboundhomes.com or request more information on Sunbound. Sunbound is the best way to pay for senior living and is on a mission to make senior living affordable for everyone.

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