Mar 25, 2022

The 8 Best Websites for Retirement News

Manny Cominsky

If you’re a reader of our blog then, just like us, you’re probably pretty interested in learning all there is to know about the housing and real estate market for at or near retirement age. And while we work every day to make sure that the Sunbound Blog is getting you all the most relevant and interesting information, we definitely understand the desire to read as much about this topic as possible. So if you’re like us and just can’t get enough news, or were curious where we get some of our own daily information, then check out some of the links below to find some of the best websites in the industry. We would only recommend news sources and organizations that we read and follow ourselves, so please check out these websites for all of their great insight and great content. 

Senior Housing News

Senior Housing News is one of the industry leaders for news and information about the senior housing market, and it’s one of our favorite sources of information. Senior Housing News is considered a must read for those in the senior housing industry, and has a reach of tens of thousands of professionals from all levels of the market, including not only companies who own and operate senior housing facilities, but also investors, bankers, and all types of real estate service providers. Along with its top quality news, we also love all the channels that Senior Housing News has to access their content, including webinars, a newsletter, and its podcast the “Transform Podcast.” 

Seniors Housing Business

Seniors Housing Business is another industry publication that we love to follow. One great feature about Seniors Housing Business is that it’s part of the larger France Media network, which is a business to business media company specializing in news about the real estate industry more generally - including both commercial and residential real estate news. As for Seniors Housing Business itself, the website provides an amazing array of content and also offers an incredibly informative newsletter. If you’re looking to learn not only about senior housing, but about the real estate market more broadly, Seniors Housing Business is a great start.

Senior Living News

Senior Living News is another highly rated publication featuring news on the senior housing space, with content about all facets of the senior housing industry like technology adoption, news on corporate level activity like mergers and acquisitions, as well as updates on various active adult communities themselves. Just like Senior Housing News and Seniors Housing Business, Senior Living News is read widely in the industry by all levels of operators across independent and managed care senior living. Senior Living News brings added expertise to bear by also producing the exclusive and invitation only HEALTHTAC event series, in which top decision makers from across the senior living landscape meet for think-tank-like discussions on the future of the senior living industry.

One of our favorite sources of information (for all things having to do with older adults, not just real estate) is, which bills itself as (and certainly is!) a compassionate resource for senior living articles, reviews, guides, and studies. What we love most about is that all of its articles are written by senior care experts who truly know their stuff.’s panel of experts have over 100 years of collective experience in senior care and include a host of highly trained experts at the top of their field (not every website can claim to have a Neuropsychiatrist on staff). With expert guides on everything from healthcare to the easiest delivery companies for seniors to use, is a great resource for everything you could want to know about all things retirement and senior living, not just real estate.

Senior Planet

While Senior Planet is not a traditional news organization, it still publishes a wide range of insightful and informative articles on all things senior living (although a lot of the content is focused on learning about technology). We love Senior Planet because its team has been focused on helping older adults for decades now. In 2004, a group of dedicated volunteers started the Older Adults Technology Services center in New York City with the mission of teaching seniors to use technology better. In 2013, OATS launched Senior Planet in New York, which was the country’s first technology-themed community center for older adults, giving seniors unprecedented access and information about the ways in which technology can help their lives. Then in 2021, OATS joined the AARP as a charitable affiliate, continuing its mission of improving senior lives through the use of technology. Check out their site for exciting articles and program updates!

McKnights Senior Living

McKnights Senior Living is another major national media company providing high quality news and analysis on the world of senior housing, including independent living and assisted living communities. McKnights provides a great view of the senior housing industry, and is read widely by professionals throughout the space. McKnight’s is also a treasure trove of information. Not only do they provide new articles every week on their website as well as a free daily e-newsletter, but their website also contains a ton of great resources, including webinars, e-books, and curated podcasts.


The American Association of Retired Persons, known better as the AARP, is a nonprofit organization that helps people over the age of 50 manage retirement and aging. The AARP provides its members with a wide range of benefits from healthcare and insurance products to learning and educational resources. Today, the AARP has over 38 million members, making it the country’s premier nonprofit focused on retirement. While the AARP is not a traditional news organization, given its reach and prominence it is always producing amazing content on the topics of aging and retirement. 

As part of its efforts to help those retiring, the AARP also runs an innovation lab which helps start-ups that are tackling the most pressing issues regarding aging. Sunbound is happy to state that it is a past contest winner of an innovation challenge run in collaboration between the AARP Innovation Lab and MassChallenge. But even if we hadn’t, we would still suggest people check out the AARP as an amazing source of information and news.

The Sunbound Blog 

Finally, don’t forget to keep checking out the Sunbound Blog! We’re hard at work curating all the most important news from the world of retirement, and will continue to post news articles and insights that directly impact you. So make sure to keep checking back often!

Sunbound is the best way to pay for senior living. If you want to learn more about how Sunbound can help make senior living more affordable for residents and easier to manage for communities, email us at or request a demo here. Sunbound is on a mission to make senior living more affordable for everyone.

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