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How to care for elderly parents at home

Each year tens of millions of Americans act as caregivers for their senior or elderly loved ones. Learn the best methods for doing so here

Safe driving for older adults

While many older adults can and do drive safely, it's important to understand how age can hamper your driving ability and how to stay safe

What is Gerontology?

Gerontology, not to be confused with geriatrics, is the study of the aging process, and the unique challenges associated with old age

What is a senior living advisor?

Working with a senior living advisor can be a great way to streamline your or your senior loved one's senior living search

Tips for finding a geriatric care manager

Finding the right geriatric care manager is a great way to care for your senior loved one. Learn what to look for in a care manager here

How to find respite care

Respite care can be invaluable for seniors caregivers and their loved ones. Follow these tips for finding the best respite care for you

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Assisted Living

Assisted living is a residential option for seniors who need help with daily activities in a community setting. Learn if assisted living is right for your senior loved one.


Medicaid provides financial assistance for healthcare and long-term care services for eligible low-income seniors, in both home and community settings.


Medicare covers essential medical services, including doctor visits, hospital stays, and some prescription drugs for eligible seniors. Learn if you're eligible for Medicare here.

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The Sunbound Directory has information on all the top senior living communities around the country across the acuity spectrum, from independent living to memory care. Click below to find the perfect community for yourself or your senior loved one.

No late payors

Say goodbye to late payments with guaranteed on-time payments at the beginning of the month.

Save time and effort

Helping communities save hours of admin work by handling billing and payments on community's behalf

Maximize occupancy

Increase your occupancy by letting residents start paying before their benefits kick in.

Easy to use

Sunbound's secure online payment portal is intuitive and easy for seniors and their families to use.