Jun 22, 2022

Why move to Arizona?

Nat Miller

There’s a reason why tens of thousands of people move to Arizona each year. In fact, there’s lots of reasons. With a friendly climate for both outdoor activities and businesses, Arizona offers the perfect place to live and work. Along with the state’s impressive outdoor offerings that allow for nearly every activity under the sun (which in Arizona is plentiful - in fact it’s the sunniest state in the country), the low taxes and cost of living mean that your dollar goes further in Arizona than many other states. It’s safe to say that whatever you’re looking for in a new home, Arizona has it for you.

Low Taxes

Great weather, food, and outdoor activities are definitely nice but if there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that paying less taxes is always a win. And the friendly tax climate is definitely one of the reasons why so many people relocate to Arizona each year.  

For example, property taxes in Arizona are substantially lower than in many parts of the country, especially coastal states like New York and California. For example, the median property tax on a $300,000 home in Arizona is estimated to be only $1,851 per year - well below the U.S. average. In addition, Arizona boasts low state income taxes ranging from 2.59% on taxable income up to $27,272 for single filers and up to $54,544 for joint filers, and up to 4.5% on taxable income over $163,632 for single filers or over $327,263 for joint filers. And this trend of low taxes looks likely to hold, as Arizona’s state government remains committed to keeping taxes as low as possible.     

These tax benefits are particularly good for retirees, as Arizona is one of the many states that does not tax Social Security benefits. In addition, Arizona does not have an estate, gift, or inheritance tax, and public pensions qualify for a deduction. 

Keeping more of your money is only half the reason why life in Arizona is often much cheaper for transplants, as the state’s cost of living is also fairly low compared to the national average, with several Arizona cities routinely ranking among the lowest for cost of living in the entire country. This is a product of not only low taxes and affordable real estate, but other less obvious costs like lower average prices for internet, gas, food, and utilities. For many, the decision to relocate to Arizona more than pays for itself.  

Affordable Real Estate

So what can you do with all this extra cash?  Get a nice home for one thing. While Arizona does have one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, the boom in the Arizona real estate industry has provided many high-quality and affordable housing options. First, while some people think only of the market for existing homes, Arizona remains one of the best places in the country to build a new home.This is because Arizona has the country’s most affordable land for residential real estate development. Not only is land cheap, but Arizona also has the highest proportion of undeveloped and homesite land of any state in the country.

If building a new home is not your thing, Arizona has a market full of amazing homes at prices well below those of other states. While it is true that house prices in Arizona have been rising in recent years, median home prices remain well below other states. For example, according to Zillow, while the median home price in both California and New York is over $700,000, in Arizona the median home price is only roughly $380,000. Those moving out of California and New York can downsize financially without having to also downsize their lifestyle.  

For those looking to put the joys (or headaches, depending on your point of view) of home ownership behind them, renting also presents an affordable option for many people relocating to Arizona, especially for those flush with cash following the sale of a first home.  Arizona is home to many active adult communities, where residents can enjoy a host of amenities like fitness clubs and pools, all at affordable monthly rates well below rents in major cities.  Simply put, whatever your choice of living arrangement Arizona is likely to have an affordable and high quality option for you.  

Along with providing a range of home prices and ownership options, Arizona boasts a diverse and unique set of cities, guaranteeing that regardless of your tastes, there is likely an Arizona city for you. While some may prefer the size and amenities of Phoenix, others may fall in love with the beauty of new-age Sedona.  Still others may opt for more resort style amenities in Scottsdale while others may decide that while they love Arizona’s beauty, the heat is a little much and so prefer a cooler mountain town like Flagstaff.  But don’t worry about buyer’s remorse - the options are all a short scenic drive from one another, making it easy to see all that Arizona has to offer wherever you choose to land.    

The Great Outdoors

When you think of Arizona you probably think of stunning natural beauty, like the views at the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam.  But these aren’t the only chances you’ll have to take in stunning views - with its 24 national parks Arizona boasts the highest number of national parks of any state in the nation.  Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast or love to casually take in a hike, Arizona has what you’re looking for.  

Arizona boasts the highest number of national parks in the entire country!

But hiking through natural parks is not the only way to experience nature in Arizona, as the state offers endless outdoors activities.  For example, the state has over 400 golf courses and was ranked the 2nd most “Golfy” state in the entire country by Golf.com.  Along with these amazing courses to play, Arizona boasts some of the country’s best golf tournaments to watch live, like the Waste Management Phoenix Open which is the country’s best attended professional golf tournament.  As the pros at Golf.com say, Arizona is “utterly unique.”  Believe it or not, Arizona’s beautiful outdoors even include several ski mountains.  While areas around Phoenix may have Arizona’s distinctive dry heat, in the mountains around Flagstaff the climate is much cooler.  From skiing to boating to hunting and fishing it’s hard to find an outdoor activity that Arizona doesn’t offer.  

The outdoors isn’t just fun to explore, it may also be good for your health.  For one thing, dry heat has been linked to improvements in arthritis and asthma.  Relatedly, because of the state’s desert climate many of the plants that cause seasonal allergies simply do not exist, making the state an allergy haven for many seasonal allergy sufferers.  So even if you weren’t a fan of the outdoors in your old home, you may love it after you move to Arizona.  

Great Community

When you consider all the benefits it’s clear why so many people are moving to Arizona each year.  What’s more, many of these people, roughly 40% of total relocators, are moving for retirement.  And this might be the best reason to move to Arizona of them all: the state is filled with transplants making it full of people looking to build community in their new home.  Wherever you’re moving from, it’s likely you’ll run into some familiar faces as more and more people choose to relocate to Arizona.  And even if you don’t you’ll be around people just like you trying to make friends and put down roots in their new home.  All in all, there’s a lot that makes Arizona one of the best places to retire in the country.

To learn more about specific cities in Arizona, check out this post on our favorite Arizona cities to retire to.

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There’s a reason why tens of thousands of people move to Arizona each year.  From the friendly climate, for both outdoor...

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There’s a reason why tens of thousands of people move to Arizona each year.  From the friendly climate, for both outdoor...

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There’s a reason why tens of thousands of people move to Arizona each year.  From the friendly climate, for both outdoor...

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