Flexible Financing for your Claims Reimbursements

Sunbound provides no-interest, flexible financing to get your claims reimbursement revenue immediately including for Medicaid "pending" residents

Receive reimbursement for Medicare, Medicaid and Medicaid "pending" residents

Maximize occupancy and improve financials

Get funding within 72 hours

Flexible, fast no-interest financing to optimize your business

Maximize Occupancy
Admit more residents knowing you have revenue coverage upfront to offset their care costs
Gain a staffing advantage
With cash already in the bank, you can pay nursing staff higher and more often versus competitors that worry over cash management
Save money vs traditional financing
Save tens of thousands of dollars versus traditional loans with Sunbound’s no-interest, fixed fee product

Want Sunbound?

Sunbound operates across the entire US and can work with any size community. Contact us at sales@sunboundhomes.com to see how we can help.